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"Whitewater Excitement, Flatwater Serenity"

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ORDINARY kayaks LIMIT your adventuring...

Most other inflatables are good for whitewater paddling OR flatwater touring - but not both.

Whitewater inflatables are "wet-only" boats. They drain excess whitewater in wet conditions but leave you wet and cold in flatwater

Flatwater inflatables - dry only boats - have no drain valves so they're useless if you get into rough water.

Ordinary Rigid Kayaks and Canoes are:

  • Far heavier than inflatables
  • Require an expensive roof rack
  • Can't be packed in a car trunk or checked as airline baggage.

New lighter, stronger, redesigned  Explorers can do it all!

Computer-aided design and state-of-the-art fabrication allows a reduction in weight (9-12lbs)  while improving structural strength. Now with 16 drain valves for super-fast self-bailing in white water. Also features, removable slide skeg for improved tracking on open water. These new Explorers are the "pound for pound" champions capable of handling any type of adventure.

Explorer Kayaks Can:
  • Rocket fearlessly down Class IV rapids.
  • Traverse miles of wilderness rivers to spend weeks at impossibly obscure camping sites.
  • Reach remote Fly fishing trout streams and lakes other fishermen can’t get to.
  • Fits easily in the trunk of your car or a small plane.

On-the-fly flexibility: handles wet OR dry conditions with ease.

What do you do when the placid river you’re kayaking becomes a free-for-all of rapids?

16 Drain Valves
16 Self-Bailing Drain valves drain water swiftly.
Removable Skeg Removable Skeg
A removable skeg reduces yaw for long flatwater touring

Drains OPEN: the craft bails itself through the 16 large, evenly spaced, convertible drain valves.

Drains CLOSED: they don’t let a drop of water in so you stay comfortable and your cargo stays dry.

In flat water, slide on the large, removable skeg to keep the explorer on its intended course. The skeg limits the sideways deviation called yaw that comes from paddling, allowing for greater efficiency and speed. Ideal for those long treks across wide, scenic lakes renown for placid beauty.

Double-Floor Protection

The new Explorer Kayak is tough as nails and rugged enough to conquer any boulder strewn rapids. Stem to stern, it’s constructed of super light and super strong 1,000 denier polyester-supported high-pressure fabric. The new state of the art design incoporates electronically welded seams and a double floor system, making the Explorer as tough as “crocodile hide”.

Material you can hit with a hammer

Would you hit an inflatable boat with a claw hammer? We hit the 1000 denier hull material in our Sea Eagle boats with a claw hammer .... with the sharp claw end.

The Sea Eagle reinforced hull material can take this incredible pounding ... so you don't need to sweat bumping into the dock now and then.

The toughest off-road vehicles have skid plate protection underneath; In the same way, the Explorer Kayak has two separate floors for double protection where you most need it:

  1. An outside, super-tough 1000 denier fabric floor
  2. A separate drop stitch, inflatable floor lashed down on top of the outer floor

"Bring it On" attitude

The Explorer Kayak’s super-tough hide and wet-or-dry self-bailing drain valves are just two of the ways this boat flaunts its snotty, “bring it on” attitude. Integrated bow and stern spray skirts keep you dry while elastic rope lacing provides convenient tie-down points.

The Explorer Kayak can be piloted by one and easily accommodates two adventurers and their gear. With a beam of just over three feet wide, you get extreme stability. Two shock-absorbing inflatable seats (or optional Tall Back seats) are held rock-solid with nylon webbing that clips to six integrated D-rings. The Explorer Kayak comes complete and ready for action.

Each comes complete with hull, seats, two double-ended paddles, full instructions, inflation pump, repair kit, and convenient carry bag.

And if thats not enough, just ask our customers:

Ted Pasternak talks about his Explorer 420x
Ron Stoops talks about his Explorer 380x
Blake Weyrich talks about his Explorer 380x
My wife and I put in at Eleven Points River in Missouri with Sea Eagle 380x. We were with people who rented canoes. Our control of the boat was exceptional. I can't say that for the rented canoes. I love the stability of the Sea Eagle 380x. It is a great boat for any age. Thanks for a great product.
Michael Joslyn,
I love it! Whether I'm using it solo or as a tandem it holds its own in rivers or on quiet water. It's easy to pack and easy to inflate and there is room for all kinds of equipment for a long day out.
Kim Phelps,

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We can afford to offer this unprecedented two-part guarantee because of our 46 year experience in designing and selling inflatable boats. We know quality products, and we stand behind them.

300x Explorer

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The long awaited and anticipated 300x Explorer Solo Adventure Series Kayak is finally here! Now you can do what others only dream of with our most versatile kayak ever! And this one is made for one! We've combined the buoyancy and durability of our Explorers with the ability to maneuver it like a race car through the toughest obstacle course! The 300x stands alone in a class of it's own! Designed to tackle whitewater as well as open-water and surf, this kayak is sure to add years of fun!

Standard Features:

  • NMMA Certified
  • 16 High Capacity Self-bailing Drain Valves
  • Large Removable Rear Skeg for Flatwater Touring
  • Front & Rear Spray Skirts with Carry Handles and bungee cords
  • Separate Drop Stitch floor for rigidity
  • 12 D-rings to secure seats and gear
  • 3 One-Way Air Valves
  • Printed Instructions


Exterior: 9'10" x 3'3"
Weight: 28 lbs.
Capacity: 1 Adult or 350 lbs.
Interior: 8'9" x 1'6"
Tube Diameter: 11.5"
Deflated: 24" x 16" x 6"
Chambers: 3 (port, starboard & floor)
Material: 1000 Denier Reinforced
Seam: Electronically welded seams
Floor: Separate High Pressure Drop Stitch Floor
Air Valves: 3 Recessed One Way
Inflation time: 5 mins
Whitewater Rating: Suitable up to Class IV

3 discount packages available

New 300x Deluxe Package

300x Deluxe
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The 300x is known to rock 3-5ft plus surf at Smith Point Beach, Long Island, NY., on a regular basis! The Deluxe Package features: Deluxe Inflatable Kayak Seat, four part AB30 double bladed paddle for ease of storage and transport, foot pump, repair kit, kayak bag, full 3 year warranty and free shipping to the lower 48 states.
A $1,224 value for $899
You save $325 through 8/31/2014
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Package Contains (mouseover for details)
Item Value
Total Value: $1,224.00
Package Price: $899.00
Your Savings: $325.00
300x Hull $899.00
7'10" AB30 paddle $59.00
Deluxe Inflatable Kayak Seat $49.00
Kayak Carry Bag $49.00
A41 Foot Pump $39.00
Slide in Skeg $29.00
Repair Kit $15.00
Normal Shipping Charge
(FREE with package)

* Package Prices and FREE SHIPPING offer will remain in effect through Sunday, August 31, 2014

New 300x Pro Kayak Package

300x Pro Kayak
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For greater back support our Pro Kayak package features a Tall Back Seat and stern storage bag for longer trips. A high-performance AB40 Paddle increase power and reduce fatigue.
A $1,327 value for $949
You save $378 through 8/31/2014
... more info
Package Contains (mouseover for details)
Item Value
Total Value: $1,327.00
Package Price: $949.00
Your Savings: $378.00
300x Hull $899.00
Tall Back Seat $95.00
8' AB40 paddle $95.00
Kayak Carry Bag $49.00
A41 Foot Pump $39.00
Slide in Skeg $29.00
small kayak stow bag $21.00
Repair Kit $15.00
Normal Shipping Charge
(FREE with package)

* Package Prices and FREE SHIPPING offer will remain in effect through Sunday, August 31, 2014

New 300x Pro Carbon Package

300x Pro Carbon
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Our Pro Carbon Kayak package features everything in the Pro Package plus a set of upgraded top end Carbon-Fiber Paddles.
A $1,381 value for $999
You save $382 through 8/31/2014
... more info
Package Contains (mouseover for details)
Item Value
Total Value: $1,381.00
Package Price: $999.00
Your Savings: $382.00
300x Hull $899.00
AB50 Paddle $149.00
Tall Back Seat $95.00
Kayak Carry Bag $49.00
A41 Foot Pump $39.00
Slide in Skeg $29.00
small kayak stow bag $21.00
Repair Kit $15.00
Normal Shipping Charge
(FREE with package)

* Package Prices and FREE SHIPPING offer will remain in effect through Sunday, August 31, 2014

AB30 7'10" 4 part paddle AB30 7'10
  • Asymmetrical blade
  • Aluminum shaft
  • Disconnects into 4 parts
  • Weighs just 2.62 lbs

7'10" Double end asymetrical paddle is great for all our canoe, kayak and paddleski models. The paddle features aluminum shafts with Fibrylon blades. It has a 65 degree feather capability. Snap lock buttons to disconnect into 4 parts. Weighs just 2.62 lbs.

Deluxe Inflatable Kayak Seat Deluxe Inflatable Kayak Seat
  • New design for superior back support
  • Includes rear pocket for additional storage
  • 14" wide x 21" deep x 19" tall
  • Folded size approximately 14" x 9" x 4"

Deluxe Inflatable Kayak Seat. A great inflatable seat that provides extra back support for paddling, rowing or fishing. Allows you to sit 5" off the floor with 14" of back support. Works in all of our kayaks and 285fpb.

Kayak Carry Bag for FastTracks, Explorers, SUP's Kayak Carry Bag for FastTracks, Explorers, SUP's
  • Wraps around boat
  • Holds boat & pump
  • Shoulder straps

The real time saver of this bag design is the way it wraps around the boat hull. You don't have to spend time folding the boat to the exact proportions of the bag. Just roll up the boat and place on the open bag, and wrap the flaps around it.

A41 Large Bellows Pump A41 Large Bellows Pump

A high capacity foot pump made of durable ABS plastic that packs down for easy travel. Comes with triple styled nozzle for use on deluxe one-way valves.

Slide in Skeg for SUP's, FastTracks and Explorers Slide in Skeg for SUP's, FastTracks and Explorers
  • Large slide in skeg
  • Lock in place key with securing lanyard

Large removable slide in skeg for Stand Up Paddle Boards, FastTracks and Explorer Series. *Note your craft must have the grooved base plate to accommodate a slide-in skeg.

Repair Kit Repair Kit
  • Swatches of repair material (9" x 4 3/4")
  • 1.5 oz. tube of glue
  • Valve replacement tool

Repair kit for 1000 Denier PVC boats. Includes hull repair material, tube of glue & Halkey-Roberts valve replacement tool.

Tall Back Kayak Seat Tall Back Kayak Seat
  • Great back support
  • Low sitting position
  • Storage Bag in rear
  • 14"x18"x14"

Tall Back Kayak Seat latches securely to the d-rings on our Explorer Kayaks and Paddleskis. Built in zipper pouch on the back for storage. Made of thermal molded foam. Provides great back support with an 18" high back rest. Great for any outing. Lightweight and durable. The molded foam construction gives you a low sitting position to for maximum stability in rough whitewater and excellent back support. Only weighs 2 lbs.

AB40 8' 4 part paddle AB40 8' 4 part paddle
  • Fiberglass reinforced blade
  • Breaks into 4 parts
  • Multiple feathering angles
  • Weighs just 2.92 lbs.

The asymmetrical spoon blade design of this Kayak paddle allows for smooth entries and an even pull, maximizing the power from your stroke. They require less gripping force, less effort per stroke. Weighs 2.92 lbs. Snap lock buttons to disconnect into 4 parts.

Stow Bag (Small) for Kayaks Stow Bag (Small) for Kayaks
  • Rugged 440 Denier Nylon construction
  • Holds pump, extra life jackets & lunch

This trim, attractive bag fits on our FastTrack or Explorer kayaks. Great for storing snacks, drinks, repair kits or a spare pump.

AB50 Paddle AB50  Paddle
  • Just 2.41 lbs.
  • Offers featherweight paddling ease
  • Super balance and uncompromising strength and durability
  • Made with asymmetrical spoon blades
  • Super light, super strong carbon fiberglass shaft
  • Snap button for flat, left or right feathering
  • Breaks into two parts

Featherweight AB50 8' Double End Paddle with Carbon-Fiberglass shaft and Asymmetrical spoon blades.

QuikSail- Universal Kayak Sail QuikSail- Universal Kayak Sail
  • 14 Sq ft Neil Pryde Sail
  • Strong aluminum frame
  • Nylon carry bag
  • Hands-Free
  • Self-Standing
  • Measures 43"x6"
  • Extends to 81"
  • Weights 3 lbs.
  • Sails up to 7 knots

Universal Kayak Sail, converts any kayak into a sailing vessel. Easy deployment in under one minute, breaks down to just 43" for convenient storage in the bow or stern. This "down wind" sail can move a kayak up to 7 knots and can be steered using your paddle as a rudder. Works with all Sea Eagle Kayaks and almost any other kayak out there. Note: Deluxe Inflatable Seats required when using with the Sport Kayaks.

Watersnake Asp T24 (Fresh & Saltwater) Watersnake Asp T24 (Fresh & Saltwater)
  • Only 6.7 pounds
  • 24 pounds of thrust
  • 12V
  • 24" shaft
  • 24 Amp draw at max speed
  • High and low speed
  • Forward and reverse switch
  • Fixed Tiller

A light weight, inexpensive, electric, salt water motor that's built to last. Anti-corrosive paint and stainless steel external & internal parts allow you to take this motor into fresh, brackish and salt water without worry. The adjustable transom mount makes it easy to use this motor with our kayaks and Motormount Boats. Two-blade, weedless design propeller. **Coast Guard requirements dictate that each ungrounded current-carrying conductor must be protected by a manually reset, trip-free circuit breaker or fuse. Not for use with PaddleSki, 124smb Motormount Boat, FoldCats or Sport Runabouts. Not compatible with HelmsMate Extension Handle.

Motormount for FastTracks & Explorers Motormount for FastTracks & Explorers
  • Electric motor 34 lbs. thrust max
  • 15 lbs. max motor weight
  • 24" shaft minimum
  • Easy installation
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum and stainless steel components
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with FastTrack and Explorer Series
  • *FastTrack and Explorer models older than 2013 will need to purchase two "D-Ring handles (see accessories under "Other")

Motormount kit for FastTracks and Explorers. Holds up to a 34 lb thrust electric motor with a max motor weight of 15 lbs.

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