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Torqeedo Factory Warranty


Torqeedo GmbH, Petersbrunner Straße 3a in D-82319 Starnberg, Germany, guarantees the final purchaser of a Torqeedo outboard motor that the product is free from material and manufacturing faults during the period stated below. Torqeedo will indemnify the final purchaser for any expense for the repair of a material or manufacturing fault. This indemniication obligation does not cover the incidental costs of a warranty claim or any other inancial losses (e.g. costs for towing, telecommunications, food, accommodation, loss of earnings, loss of time etc.).

The warranty ends two years after the date on which the product was delivered to the final purchaser. Products that are used commercially or by public authorities - even if only temporarily - are excluded from this two-year warranty. In these cases, the statutory warranty applies. The right to claim under warranty runs out six months after discovery of a fault. Torqeedo decides whether faulty parts are repaired or replaced. Distributors and dealers who repair Torqeedo motors have no authority to make legally binding statements on behalf of Torqeedo.

Normal wear and tear and routine servicing are excluded from the warranty.

Torqeedo is entitled to refuse a warranty claim if

• the warranty was not submitted properly (see Warranty process)

• the product was not treated in accordance with the instructions

• the safety, operating and care instructions in the manual were not observed

• the product was in any way altered or modiied or parts and accessories were added that

are not expressly permitted or recommended by Torqeedo

• previous services or repairs were not carried out by irms authorized by Torqeedo, or

non-original parts were used unless the consumer can prove that the facts that led to the warranty being void did not affect the development of the fault.