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jamoaque posted on

My rating takes a bit of explaining, so bear with me please. The full picture would be as follows:nn Rating 4 if you get the 330 with basic SEC seats (not as good of back support as the deluxe seats)Rating 5 if you get the 330 with deluxe seats (worth the extra money)Rating 6 for the accessories (paddle blade push-buttons can jam or slip thru; foot pump can have limited life)Rating 7 if you get the SE370 instead of the SE330

Rating 8 for the overall value of an SE370 package as far as what you get for your moneyRating 10 for Sea Eagle warranty and 180-day trial periodIf you're looking for a basic kayak that is easily portable (can be taken by plane too), has a reasonable price and yet good durability, has a good warrantee, and can be used effectively either solo or tandem, Sea Eagle Sport Kayaks are worth considering.Some of the virtues of the 330 (and 370):

•Sea Eagle's outstanding 6-month return option and 3-year warranty are hard to beat•Comfortable, almost like a couch on water, yet have acceptable performance for an inflatable•Track fairly well for an inflatable, yet also easy to maneuver•Good load carrying capacity•Don't have to mess with a separate floor piece•Easy set-up and take-down.•Inexpensive Since these do not have a separate floor piece as some inflatables do, it is fairly easy to wipe down inside when you are done w/ a paddling session (you do not have to partially deflate a separate floor piece, take it out to dry it off and dry off that water that was underneath it, and then put it back in). Note however, that since it has a low-pressure floor (not high-pressure which can be made very firm), the floor is somewhat squishy and not as solid. And one limitation of a 330/370 is how they sit a bit deeper in the water. Since the bottom of the boat protrudes downward from the side parts of the boat, you can't go through as shallow of water as some other kayaks.

Note that one important factor in the above ratings is that in my experience, the 370 is noticeably more stable than the 330. A couple actual examples:a) once on a choppy mountain lake (windy), the 330 was unstable enough that my wife did not feel comfortable in it, so we moved her over to our 385 Fast Track, and, b) one time when I was getting into the 330 from a dock, I initially sat onto it a bit toward one side and found myself teetering between upright and tipping over for about two seconds % I have never had that happen on any other inflatable or hard-shell, and I have paddled over twenty different kayaks. So it seems to take more attention to stability than the 370. However, please note that I have paddled two different 370's, but have only paddled one 330 - could that 330 somehow have been a rare exception that does not represent the rest of the 330's??

Summary of advantages of the SE370 over the SE330 that you may want to consider:a) I like it better even for solo paddling than the 330.b) The 370 seems more stable.c) The 330 is tight with two adults, so the 370's extra 16" of length helps a lot.d) You'll get a little more speed from the 370's extra length (around 6% more)e) The 370 uses 38 mil Polykrylar instead of 33 mil on the 330.f) These advantages come w/ little extra weight and for only another $50.

captbob posted on

Sea Eagle inflatable canoe 330 deluxe package was an excellent purchase to throw into our Truck Camper and go boating anytime we wanted on our trips out west without taking up a lot of room. It is well worth the money and fully refundable(within 6 months) if you do not like it.We have bought several inflatable boats from Sea Eagle and I can not say enough good things about their products and their customer service. They sell great inflatable boats at reasonable prices.

dxxxiii posted on

Sea Eagle from yard sale next door was older but still functional. It was reasonable for 1 man with cooler but 2 guys around 6' 200 lbs were cramped and it was sitting low in water so not efficient. Good for lazy paddling but watch for rocks and sticks near shore.

crillmonster posted on

This model of kayak is ideal for travelers. Because it's inflatable/deflatable (naturally), it so often goes with me in the trunk of the car when I travel for both business and pleasure, whereas there would just not be a possible way to take a hard kayak. If not for the outstanding and rugged build quality of the SeaEagle models that I've owned, I would have never imagined going in some of the rivers and streams in an inflatable! Even being on a Great Lake in 6 foot waves was fun, whereas, I could not have fared so well in a hard kayak for as long as we were out there!

I highly recommend the SeaEagles, with one minor suggestion to go with the upgraded inflatable seats, if you're going to be in it for longer than an hour.Have owned the brand and style for 6 years and am very happy to this day!

budeidson posted on

I am 76 years old and not new to boats, so I sort of knew what to look for and my 330 has given be great performance and safety. I have taken it on the rivers and lakes around my home in Florida with great satisfaction.I would buy Sea Eagle again with no reservations. The ease with which I can carry and load my 330 in and out of my car is fantastic because I need no racks, trailers or large vehicle. I give it a big number 10!

ldmyers posted on

Purchased my 330 as a first kayak. With a price for the entire package at $300.00, this was the perfect entry level kayak I could find. A friend recommended one after he purchased his, I'm glad I listened to his recommendation!All in all, the package comes with two seats (different depending on which package you purchase), two 4-piece paddles around 230cm in length, the kayak, a foot pump with attachments, and a repair kit in a floating/waterproof necklace.

I first paddled with my friend in his, I will admit, a big downfall for this kayak is when it is used as a tandem. Two people are typically cramped into the kayak leaving the person in back with minimal leg room.When used solo, the weight capacity and proper positioning of the seat makes this kayak breeze through the water. With a 500lbs weight capacity, you can really load this thing down. I've done overnight trips in my SE330 on slow rivers and it surpasses expectations.

The material may look like "pool toy" inflatable, but in truth, the kayak is extremely durable. I've accidentally ran it into protruding branches and skid across countless rocks and there has never been a scratch afterwards.Inflation and setup takes a single person roughly 15 minutes and the carrying bag is large enough to fit everything in and light enough that most people should not have any trouble carrying it to the vehicles or entry points.

The balance is incredible and almost impossible to tip over. I recommend this kayak package to someone who is looking to start kayaking but isn't sure on proper techniques while in the water. It is a great source to learn from and very forgiving when it comes to not being able to avoid debris.

sbrjeec posted on

We are in our 60's and love our SeaEagle. We are cautious, but have found we can go most anywhere we want. We recently took it to Hawaii and kayaked with Manta Rays, Sea Turtles, a Monk Seal and Whales. We purchased a rechargeable pump that makes inflating easy. We do have to top it off with the foot pump. We also purchased the better seats, and they are great. And we don't need a roof carrier. We just roll it up in a tote box in the trunk. It is important to clean it (blow it up, use a little liquid soap, rinse, let dry and roll up.) Also keep out of sun when not in use. We love it.

Larry posted on

Well it said 10 days and sure enough it took 10 days to get here from New York, I am in California. On the 11th day took it out to the local lake. It comes in a cardboard box. Then another cardboard box. So make sure you have a sharp knife to open the boxes. Once opened, out comes the instruction manual and the paddles. everything is in it's own plastic sheath. Have to cut this away also.Once the Sea Eagle is on the ground, first thing you notice is the air valves have an O-Ring, it takes 7 of these O-Rings before you can put any air into the sea eagle. The O-Ring installation is no easy task. It took me two hours to get the 7 O-Rings on the valve stems.

The air pump works excellently and hopefully will continue for some time to come. It weighs about 50 lbs inflated. So if portage is a problem need two people to carry it. Once down to the edge of the water it is not easy to get into, as the sides will give way under your weight, so it is a hurry up proposition. Once in I was on my knees and getting into the seat was not easy either. As I moved one leg the bottom of the kayak would raise up so the stability is questionable. Someone said you could stand up, better be a good swimmer.

Once in the seat, the bottom scraped the mud and I was stuck, so rather than get out and in again, I used the paddle to try and push off the mud. That was easier said than done. Finally with some scooting and pushing and getting mud on and in the kayak I was finally sea born. Yahoo, the paddling is not easy, it takes some concerted effort and the wind will push you back in the mud.Over all somewhat impressed. Next time will get someone to go with me.

Lynn posted on

I bought this kayak because I have no storage space. I love it! It is easy to inflate (about 30 pumps per side, 20 for the center) and only takes about 10-15 minutes to set up. I can carry it myself just fine! It fits in the trunk of my car easily.Paddling - it handles well and steers fine. Not tippy. I was only concerned about "blowing out to sea" after reading other reviews - do not blow around that easily. Compared to the Marvel 10' (which I really wanted but can't handle myself)- it's just a little more work paddling, but not that much. Got the deluxe package - seat is very comfortable. Highly recommend this to people with storage issues!

Sully K posted on

Good for value. Doesn't have the best tracking on flatwater unless used with 2 people,doesn't bail that quick, for whitewater use it is best used without seat for added stability. Good kayak, would buy again. Also I don't care what anyone else says but these are bullet proof. I paddled a total of around 100 miles in this kayak over rocks, trees, twigs and the ground. No holes at all.I hit the river about 1-2 times a month and this kayak never lets me down. Also I can fit 2 boats with all accessories in the small trunk of my rx8 that also has a large sub box in it. E-mail me if you have any questions.