Sea Eagle 473rl Inflatable Kayaks and Canoe Reviews

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Markus Robinson Verified Owner 1/4/2020 3.0 out of 5 stars.

The 473rl is a wonderful inflatable kayak. We've white water kayaked on the finger lakes in New York and down the Snake River in Grand Tetons NP. The 473rl is superbly rigid, fast, and easy to paddle. The thin rigid walls of this inflatable have everything to do with its superb performance.

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But it has a major design flaw. The problem is how the bottom inflatable section connects to both side inflatable sections. Since each is about two inches thick, they are connected together with rubber sheets glued to each side of the bottom and side being connected together. This creates a tube the length of the seam running ALMOST the full the length of the kayak. When inflated the tube is MOSTLY squeezed together. But not enough to keep out river gravel. When that gravel gets in there it is EXTREMELY difficult to remove. The engineering fix is to insert some 1" diameter foam into each tube-end as a plug. When brought to their attention, Sea Eagle refused to acknowledge the necessity of blocking the ends.

Sea Eagle's reply:

I apologize if your previous suggestions was not properly addressed by a service representative. We are a customer service based driven company and our customer feedback on our products are invaluable. I have passed your suggestions onto our research and development team where our engineers will have further insight and knowledge on if this can be accomplished.

James Hiser Verified Owner 11/2/2019 4.0 out of 5 stars.


- Lightweight

- easy to transport when folded

- fast paddling

- every time we use, have admirers that want to know where to get one

- lives in bed of pickup during extended camping trips

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Not so good:

- hard to get sand, etc,. cleaned out of interior, esp where sides meet floor

- hard to get dried out

- folding to get back into bag takes some learning - had to get pictures from company

How we deal with the not so good:

- Rinse kit, synthetic chamois, and long skinny tarp strip. Lets us clean and dry the boat prior to folding after use

- Extra strap - once boat is folded, strap around prior to fighting into bag

- Live with dirt until end of trip, then thorough hose out and dry at home before storing

Dave Smidt Verified Owner 9/29/2019 5.0 out of 5 stars.

We purchased our 473rl for our trip into Northwest Canadian provinces and Alaska. We are avid kayakers and couldn't travel into such beautiful country unless we could get onto the water! We were pleased that it packed very compactly into a StowAway2 box mounted to our small RV. We are amazed how solid it is when it inflates and how nicely it handles on the water. The 473rl allowed us some special sights off road!

Daniel Johnston Verified Owner 4/16/2019 5.0 out of 5 stars.

Love our 473 Razor Light. We've taken it out on river and lake and are impressed with how quickly it inflates and is ready to rock. Easily ready to get on the water in 8-10 minutes. Tracks very well and is super rigid, with comfortable seats. The only thing is that it doesn't take much of a wave for you to take on a little water, as the RL cuts through the water so well. Can't wait to take it out again.