Sea Eagle 473rl Inflatable Kayaks and Canoe Reviews

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John Sanders Verified Owner 1/27/2018 4.0 out of 5 stars.

We own a 473rl and a 385ft. The 385ft is 4 years old and the 473rl is 1 year old. The 385ft is more stable and a better choice for novice kayakers. The 473rl is faster. Both boats are easy to inflate and durable. The seats in the 385ft are more comfortable. We tried the seats from the ft in the rl, but the higher seat profile made the boat less stable. Both our son and daughter bought sea eagle boats after using our boats. We highly recommend Sea Eagle boats.

The storage bag for the razor light is inadequate. Once we got the boat out of it, we were unable to get it back in. It is also more difficult to dry the razor light for storage. There is a plastic support in the bow that fills water and is show full review ▼ hard to dry.

hard to dry.

We tend to use the ft as it is more comfortable, and reserve the rl for trips with our son who also has a rl and can cover a longer distance with less effort. We use both boats in flat water conditions, rivers and lakes.

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John, give this video a try for packing ► a try! Should make it pretty easy.

Deirdre Allen Verified Owner 12/10/2017 5.0 out of 5 stars.

We love our Kayak! It is wonderful to take camping. It fits between our gear and then when we arrive at the lake it blows up in no time. We have made some enhancements, we have added air cushions to the seats because when we are out for a long time our butts were getting sore - wonderful seats just needed a bit more cushion. Great back support. We also made a rudder system that is portable and attaches - works great. A little more time setting up but so worth it. We get so many great complements and we are so proud to own this kayak. Sea Eagle has great customer service and excellent products. Thanks for adding such joy to our life.

Sea Eagle's reply:
Deirdre Allen's boat

Seat cushions are a great option ►

Jordan Da Costa Verified Owner 11/27/2017 5.0 out of 5 stars.

This kayak has been the best inflatable kayak I have ever used. It has gone through 3 foot swells and held it rigidity. Even when I was caught in a storm and the entire kayak filled with water, it remained easy to paddle and maneuver through the pounding rain and wind. Fantastic machine this kayak is and even made it up to 6 mph solo.

John D Rowland Verified Owner 11/1/2017 5.0 out of 5 stars.

The all up weight of the Sea Eagle pack for my fine kayak/canoe including paddles is 58lbs.and looks somewhat intimidating. But it becomes easier to pack with each use. It can be carried solo is air transportable!

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The set up is simple and no problem. A rather large but uncomplicated manual pump is good enough for me.

Paddling this craft after my familiar and trusty Kevlar hard shell sea kayak is what I expected when I made my buying decision and plunked down the cash. So in design terms of stiff hull, underwater shape of craft and resultant performance (speed and effort) I got the fine craft I expected. Thank you Sea Eagle. Finally this is a high capacity boat. It will carry 2 or 3 people on a mission or 2 paddlers and a pile of gear. And please note my Borealis Ellesmere is for other adventure.

Paul Lechtenberg Verified Owner 10/4/2017 5.0 out of 5 stars.

Love Sea Eagle. We live full time in a motorhome & have limited room to carry toys, so we investigated inflatable kayaks as a space saver. Have owned the FastTrack product for years and loved it's stability and durability. In Feb 2017, we switched to the Razor Lite. The change was exactly as Sea Eagle staff represented. The Razor Lite is faster than the Fast Track, tracks and handles similar to a long hardbody kayak and best suited for flat (or relatively flat) water. It is not as stable as the FastTrack (which was exactly as disclosed by Sea Eagle staff), but is very comparable to hard side kayaks. The 473rl is easy to set up, roomy and made from durable materials. We see many people using other lower quality inflatables having to paddle hard to cover ground and not tracking very straight. They often stop us to inquire about our Sea Eagle and we can only rave about the product. With the drop stitch floor and sidewalls, many are shocked to discover we are also in an inflatable.

Lawrence K Graham Verified Owner 10/2/2017 5.0 out of 5 stars.

We have had our Razorlite 473rl for several weeks now and really enjoy it, both as a single and tandem paddler.I understand some people think it is too "tippy", but it's not. My wife and I have been canoeing for many years and found it very stable. The initial stability feels a little tippy, compared to a wide, flat, inflated raft, but its secondary stability is great. With those inflated sides, it is very difficult to tip over. If you do manage to flip it over, it sits on top of the water instead of filling up. Its light weight makes it easy for us seniors to handle. I have already added two D-rings (available from Sea Eagle) to attach two grab handles amidships. This makes it even easier to handle out of the water. I found the large skeg (more like a rudder) it came with made it difficult to turn and maneuver. I guess that's so novice paddlers can maintain a straight course. I replaced it with a small 4" skeg (available from Sea Eagle) that slides into the same slot and is just enough for us. Works great!

Sandy Whyte Verified Owner 7/8/2017 4.0 out of 5 stars.

Set up fairly fast. Tracks well. Bought the cart and that makes it so much easier to inflate and then roll down to lake. It's a littler bigger and harder to fold up than expected. Larger bag is needed!

Lynne Curry Verified Owner 6/22/2017 4.0 out of 5 stars.

Enjoying the new Kayak, but find it more tippy than the first Sea Eagle. I'm sure we'll be more confident with it as we use it. Just had it out for 3rd time this week. We find it easier to get in and out of due to the narrow sides.

Rogier J Verified Owner 6/6/2017 5.0 out of 5 stars.

Got my 473rl about 1.5 years ago and took it for 25 shorter and longer trips (incl. overnight) on lakes and rivers in Switzerland. Setup is easy and fast and the kayak is stable but at the same time reasonably sleek and streamlined. With skeg, I am impressed with the tracking and without I gain maneuverability. It feels at home on gentle rivers and on lakes when not too windy. It's not intended for whitewater and I indeed found class 2 the upper limit because of the hard-nose bow and the limited self-bailing, I’m sure that the material can handle it though. For one person, it is a bit challenging to carry everything but handling on the water is ok and the flexibility to take a passenger is great. The backpack could be further developed, esp. for use with public transport: straps and clips quality, handles at the side, a bigger side pocket or an option to attach paddles. Overall, I am very happy and impressed with the kayak and looking forward to many trips this summer and to new waters with an Explorer 420x.

Aaron Wilson Verified Owner 4/30/2017 5.0 out of 5 stars.

We started our second season with our 473rl with an afternoon trip up the Snake River under the Perrine Bridge. Last year I seriously considered finding a canoe to get the family out on the water but I've always preferred kayaks. The 473rl has the best parts of both, cargo room of a canoe as well as the speed and double paddle of a hard body kayak, on top of that it fits in any vehicle without a rack system. It can be easily be reconfigured to distribute load (and people). Having run over many rocks (hitting hard and dragging bottom), I can vouch that 473rl is rugged. The “soft” bottom is super comfortable for kids to move around on and nap. Finally having the “speed” to travel against the wind and current is a safety issue in many settings and this boat performs as well as anything this size. So far I've done more than a hundred miles of rivers and lakes (mostly with kids). Looking forward to camping in spots that only a boat can access. In total the 473rl does everything I expected it to and more.