Sea Eagle 393rl Inflatable Kayaks and Canoe Reviews

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Alan Jones Verified Owner 9/29/2017 5.0 out of 5 stars.

The Sea Eagle Razorlite 393rl is a high quality boat that paddles at least as well as my hard shell kayaks. The boat arrived right on time, and If you have questions while setting up or adding options, customer service is top notch. I leave my trailer and roof racks at home now. Get the electric pump with rechargable battery, and you are on the water in 5 minutes. In 40 years of paddling, this is my game changer. This is a very comfortable boat, tracks like an arrow, and goes over the wakes and swells in the harbor with ease. Nice Going!

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Sincerely, Alan Jones

Barb Cartwright Verified Owner 10/2/2017 5.0 out of 5 stars.

I bought this boat to take my golden retriever. It is much more comfortable for them than the plastic boats. I paddle alone most of the time and I can easily carrier it to the put ins. It keeps up with most boats. I have recommended it to friends. I sold my first boat to my brother and bought a second one. The people at SeaEagle are easy and friendly to work with. Thank you.

Nancy Inabnit Verified Owner 10/10/2017 4.0 out of 5 stars.

I love my Sea Eagle 393l. We paddled hard kayaks for years and tired of loading and tying them down, Great thing about the inflatable is they just load right in your vehicle. People are astonished when I tell them what I'm paddling is an inflatable. It handles beautifully. The only difficulty I've had is getting it back in the bag. The bags could be a little larger. Especially for us older ladies it can be a little tough to fold the boat up super tidy and a roomier bag would allow a little more leeway. Of course after the first few times it has gotten easier but still a little annoying. I would definitely purchase my boat again.

William Heese Verified Owner 10/10/2017 4.0 out of 5 stars.

The 393 RL is indeed a very unique kayak.

It assembly is fast and easy and it moves

Very nicely through the water.

As advertised it requires some experieance

To handle this kayak.

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It is almost inpossible to get the deflated

Kayak back in the storage bag.

Better instructions would be helpful.

Ellen McKinney Verified Owner 10/24/2017 3.0 out of 5 stars.

The 393rl is a smooth, reactive, fun boat on the water. Although it isn't heavy, it is awkward to carry easily and repacking it is frustrating. Multiple tries and many videos later, I am still unable to put the boat back into the bag along with the paddle and pump, as shown on the sites. As a result, I revert to my old hard-shell kayak for trips near home, and save the SeaEagle for when we travel.

Liz Hartley Verified Owner 11/1/2017 3.0 out of 5 stars.

I like the kayak overall. Positives include ability to carry in back of SUV, fairly quick inflation time, and apparent sturdiness. Less than positive but not wholly negative include inferior maneuverability compared to fiberglass kayak w rudder, difficulty in cleaning debris from deep crevices and fully drying the crevices to prevent mold while storing. Most disappointing is the impossibility of using the “backpack” as a carrying device once it was removed the first time. There is no way this kayak, once used, can resume its size and shape that it was packaged in, and then try to cram in all the accessories! So, storage is a problem in a small house. The kayak sits folded up, outside the “backpack” full of accessories.

Dan Peacock Verified Owner 11/13/2017 4.0 out of 5 stars.

Bought my 393RL in spring 2017 after owning a 385 Fast Track for two years. I was very happy with the Fast Track I just found it a lot of effort to paddle long distances and hard to keep up with friends in hard shell canoes on long trips. The Razorlite takes significantly less effort to paddle. It easily keeps up with and even outpaces standard canoes. The RazorLite tracks dead straight with the skeg attached but I also find that makes it harder to steer. Without the skeg it still tracks reasonably well and steers with much less effort. Because of this I find it easier to use than the Fast Track in very shallow water as the Fast Track does not track at all without the skeg. Setup and take down time are much less than the Fast Track. The included back pack style bag is an upgrade from the duffel style my Fast Track came with and is much easier to carry though harder to get the boat in the bag. Only downside is the manual pumps break often/easily and current model RL can't be cleaned between floor & hull.

Rebecca Wincell Verified Owner 11/15/2017 5.0 out of 5 stars.

I LOVE my Sea Eagle! I do mainly river and lake kayaking but have had it out on Lake Michigan (staying in sight of shore). It is easy to paddle, tracks well, and best of all fits in my backseat! I had traditional hard shell kayaks and tried roof racks and a then a trailer but they were awkward to handle alone. The Sea Eagle folds up in the back seat of my compact car, inflates in less than 10 minutes and I am on the water. I did several group paddles and got lots of compliments and questions on it. I totally recommend it and plan to get a second one in the spring!

Walter Maiwald Verified Owner 12/2/2017 5.0 out of 5 stars.

After vacillating between the Fast Track and the RazorLite, I finally ordered the 393 rl. I have owned rigid kayaks before and I didn't expect this kind of performance in an inflatable. I was amazed how well the 393 tracked, the speed which I could attain, and the distance I could cover. Needless to say, after my wife tried my 393rl, she wanted one for herself. We love the portability and the ease of storage of the kayak. We have loaned our kayaks out to friends, and they have purchased their own 393rl's. That pretty much says it all. With the 180 day trial period and the 3 year warranty, you can't go wrong.

Richard Dykiel Verified Owner 12/16/2017 5.0 out of 5 stars.

I'm using the kayak as a tender to my cruising sailboat when single-handling (which is most of the time). My sailboat is small but capable. I used to drag an inflatable dinghy but that reduced sailing performance. The kayak folds in a locker and is set up quickly to explore my favorite anchorages, which are rocky shores and islands like Maine. The kayak has outstanding performance, close to a rigid. The only drawbacks of the design is windage due to its high freeboard, which makes it harder to get going in strong winds, but still doable. On the other hand I like the open design that enables carrying stuff (e.g. backpacks or groceries). I find it tracks very well even without the skeg, which I never use in order to ease beaching, and rides the swells safely. I still think it reasonable to paddle in relatively protected waters and in calm to medium conditions.

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Minor drawbacks: seat clips freeze with salt, plastic would be better. Good pump should have a deflate option