Sea Eagle 435ps Inflatable Boat Reviews

Kevin Sedely Verified Owner 1/6/2016 4.0 out of 5 stars.

Dear Sea Eagle,

I have had my paddleski for going on at least five years now. We use it often and have become progressively more bold with it as we go. It is very rugged and it materials and construction are first rate.

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I have never had a puncture despite going through some pretty scary places and encountering some pretty sharp and sizable fishing hooks. No worries.

I have yet to take it out and not have conversations with people about this craft.

I made a small, simple wheel kit that attaches cleanly to the skegs which are easily put on and taken off, that I keep in the boat if I ever need to portage.

I am going to make a self boyent, electric propulsion unit that will fit cleanly beneath craft, between the pontoons. You won't even be able to see it. Remote control off, on reverse control unit attaches to the paddle. Steering will be accomplished with the paddles.

Loads of fun, great boat, keeping it until it for life ...

Many Thanks,

Kevin S.

Jim Bergen Verified Owner 1/6/2016 5.0 out of 5 stars.

Love,love,love my PaddleSki!!

I would recommend the Paddle Ski to anyone....In fact, a friend bought one after seeing mine!

My 100lb Lab enjoys it as well. Her claws have yet to even leave a scratch on it. I was so nervous when I first got it. I was concerned that hidden sharp rocks under the water would cut it open. Those fears are long gone!

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I have got caught in shallow water with sharp rocks, and had to try and paddle my way through them...all the while hearing the rocks scratching the bottom of they kayak. By the time I got to shore, I was convinced there would be cuts! Nothing!!! It was in great condition with not a single mark on it!

Would love to get the sail attachment in the future.

Thanks for a great product!!!

Barbara Bergen

Brian Graham-Moore Verified Owner 1/6/2016 4.0 out of 5 stars.

I have used the boat about seven times and wished I could use it more often. A later version is lighter and I wish I had that version since we carry this in our plane. My other wish is for a rowing platform for the Paddle Ski, but that was discontinued. Overall, the boat is as advertised, i.., easy to inflate, stable, and fun to operate.

Tom Howard Verified Owner 1/6/2016 5.0 out of 5 stars.

We have no boating experience so having something easy to use was necessary. This fit the bill. Easy to inflate and easy to use. The wife likes the fact she feels safe and took no time to learn. We have a pickup camper so storage was important. It sits vertically behind the drivers seat when deflated with a small foot print. Knowing what we know now we wouldn't hesitate to buy again.