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Sea Eagle 435ps Inflatable Kayak Reviews

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435ps Reviews (31 total, avg. review: 4.5 out of 5)

Scott Mitchell , NATICK Verified Owner

We absolutely love our sea eagle ... it inflated easily breaks down just as easily. It’s great for us because we travel in our fifth wheel And it packs up so nicely in its storage bag and fit conviently in storage compartment or under our seats. it is so much fun for me and my wife as we travel around the country to always have our boat with us.

Daniel Allan , LAS CRUCES Verified Owner

It has been a stable and seaworthy craft. A few reservations. It does take on water through the drainage holes between the pontoons-just enough to wet the seat. Not a problem in the summer but unpleasant when the water turns cold. I suppose I could seal the holes with duct tape. Disappointing is that I have been unable to get the sail to work-it either falls forward or backwards. I realize it is designed so that the "masts" can move to enable sailing off the wind, but no combination of feet and cord holds the sail upright. The foot pump works well-300 strokes to a side. All in all, I am pleased with it.

Sea Eagle's reply:
Daniel Allan's boat

When using the QuikSail:

Run the included cord around the back of the frame. Attach each end of the cord to a D-ring location on either side of the PaddleSki. Then use your feet to brace base of the frame. The wind will provide the opposite resistance needed. Keep in mind you can locate the sail where it's most convenient for you. We will also look to improve the drainage holes in the near future. Thank you kindly for your feedback.

Harry Matthies , BULLHEAD CITY Verified Owner

The only addition or improvement you could, but can't make, is to have the boat self inflate upon command. Seriously, It is easy enough to inflate as is. We bought the Paddle Ski because my wife wanted to kayak with me but wanted something that would be stable as she doesn't consider herself a strong swimmer. She also has had back surgery and needed something with good back support. We wanted something that could travel with us that we didn't have to load on top of our truck camper. I'm getting to old for that. This summer we're headed north from AZ to Montana, the Canadian Rockies and Vancouver Island. We prefer to "boondock whenever possible and dragging a boat limits where we can go. PS will be in the back seat of the truck.

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Sea Eagle's reply:
Harry Matthies's boat

Harry, is this is the seat you are looking for: www.seaeagle.com/Accessories/seats/universal-swivel-seat-fishing-rig

Mark O'Brien , Anchorage, Alaska 99501 Verified Owner

Great boat. We love it. Use it all summer. Very storable. Ease of setting up

Glad we bought it

Jonathan Crosier , Montesano Verified Owner

Great Kayak for older folks, very stable. When my wife and I use our travel trailer, we carry it in the truck bed, and always have a boat available for fishing or sightseeing! The picture was taken on Hood Canal in Washington State last year.

Robert Boida , SHERWOOD PARK Verified Owner

My wife and I purchased the 435ps and the 385ft in mid 2016. The customer service and delivery time were exceptional. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and delivery was made in 2 days. Outstanding.

We have have had opportunity to use the kayaks 9 times on local rivers and lakes and have taken them with us to the United States. We found the setup, and transportation to be easy and convenient. The Kayaks are very stable and track exceptionally well. We had no trouble maneuvering the kayaks upstream, downstream, with the wind and against the wind.

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William Johnson , Moosup, CT Verified Owner

Being 70 years old carrying the 435 is easy with the both of us. My wife and I use it frequently on a river and ease of paddling for both directions with the tide or against it satisfies me. There is plenty of room for the two of us with our gear and two beach chairs. This year we will most likely get an electric turbo pump its a little long using foot pump. We are very satisfied with the purchase of the 435ps and hope we have many years using it.

Charles Tennant , Melbourne Beach, FL Verified Owner

Have had Paddle Ski 435PS for year and half and have used it a lot. i replaced kayaks that were 60 to 85 pounds each which were very difficult to handle. Wife and i and dog all go together and we haul the uninflated boat in the back of our pick up that tows our Airstream. Very easy to transport which is the biggest benefit to us. We have the wheel cart making pulling to a launch site easy.

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Thomas O'rourke , East Vassalboro, ME Verified Owner

It has been several years since I purchased my boat and it looks as good as new. It gets some pretty hard treatment in our house with 4 dogs who like to "kayak". The largest of which is 150lbs. and the smallest of which is 45lbs. We get asked about the boat every time we go out. I cannot tell you have many times I have given out the website address. People are stunned at the amount of cargo (dogs) it can carry and then wonder where did that big kayak thing go when I roll it up and put it in my truck. People cannot believe that the dog nails and teeth don't puncture the boat - not only don't they puncture it, they don't even scratch it. This is perfect way to kayak and not have to leave your furry friends at home, nor to get a hernia lifting a boat onto the roof of the car. I love that at the end of the season I can roll it away and drop it n a tote for next season or keep it in the car for adventures during the Summer. So much easier to get into and launch than a regular kayak. Very stable and quick.

Mark Chapoton , Weidman, MI Verified Owner

I have had the paddleski for two seasons now. It is well made and tough. It is left outdoors all summer and put away in the garage each winter. It does not leak and is very stable. I have the short sporting seats that sit so low that when water accumulates your pants/shorts will get wet. I also have the side motor mount with a small 12 volt trolling motor. It scoots along pretty good with the 30 pound motor and two adults. The only problem I have had was with the foot pump that my 3 yr old grand daughter broke when she stepped on the side of the bellows. I will likely buy an additional seat for fishing comfort.

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