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Sea Eagle NN116 Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard Reviews

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NN116 Reviews (15 total, avg. review: 4.8 out of 5)

William Lindell , SARTELL Verified Owner

I loved everything so much, l bought 2 more! Portability is awesome along with durability and stiffness. It definitely feels like a hard board.

Michael Henning , Disputanta Verified Owner

Got my SUP before it was really warm enough to use and the first time out failed miserably a trying to stand, kneel, or sit on the board without falling off and even more miserably at getting back on the board once I was off. A little late I decided that I needed some instruction and there is a wealth of it online with articles and videos. A few videos later and a calm day on the river, I did much better. I need to explain that none of this had to do with the board which is exactly as advertised and a great product. The problem was me.

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Jaki Cox , THOUSAND OAKS Verified Owner

I also wanted to add that the customer service is impeccable. Everyone was very friendly and knowledgeable, and was most helpful.

Jaki Cox , THOUSAND OAKS Verified Owner

I originally bought the Hybrid 9'6" but I don't think I was strong enough to paddle it in a straight line. So then I got the NN116 and I absolutely love it. I take it in the ocean and in the harbor. As I am still learning, I prefer harbor as the water off Malibu can be rough. I am in my mid 60's agewise, and 5'5" 145lbs. I can carry it very easily. It is effortless to paddle. I bought an electric pump and battery and it really helps to get it into the water quickly. Unfortunately, I have been laid up with a bad back for the last two months, and my SUP days are over for a few more months. I had it rolled up as I was going to take it to the Caribbean, and the needlenose part looks like it needs a padding, just like the fins have, or else it can damage the hull. The needlenose is quite sharp. It is still rolled up. Should it be stored rolled up or blown up? I am too unwell to look up that info. This is a great SUP Board and my family in Scotland, Italy and Dubai will probably want one too.

Sea Eagle's reply:

Aloha Jaki, you can stow it rolled up or inflated. Check out this instructions video: youtu.be/KhohjfEA0Bc. Notably at 0:32 and then again starting at roughly 3:00. The NeedleNose cone is always offset when rolled up to protect both the board and the cone itself.

Terry Merrifield , ANDOVER Verified Owner

I received my boat on time, well packaged, easy to unpack and figure out except that I had to look at a Sea Eagle video about how to work the valve twist and pop feature. I don't think of my hands as weak, but I couldn't work the valve without a gardening glove on, so I added a glove to the backpack. It also took me a while to figure out how to hook up the tubing to the pressure gauge, pump, and boat. These are not long term concerns -- once you figure it out, you're good.

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Jon Halvorsen , GRAYSLAKE Verified Owner

Our whole family loves this SUP. It's so convenient! We use it on the neighborhood lake and take it camping. This is our 3rd Sea Eagle purchase. Love all of our inflatables. Just wish it came with an ankle leash (purchased separately).

Pat Bertram , LA MESA Verified Owner

Great board! The NN116 glides through the water, my husband no longer 'waits' for me.. Stable, smooth, and looks good, It folds up a little different but once you get used to it, its no problem. I wouldn't take it into the big waves, but it is my favorite board in the bay or on the lakes. Also fun in the ocean if I use the channel to get out. Try it, you can't beat the return policy Sea Eagle more ▼

Sea Eagle's reply:

Aloha Pat, just wanted to give you a heads up. Hawaiian Dan has been known to paddle the NeedleNose™ in up to 4ft swells and 30+ kt winds. Unlike other SUPs on the market. The beauty of the patented NeedleNose™ is that it will pierce through the toughest wind, currents, and waves.

Stephen Martin , Anthem Verified Owner

Never knew a paddle board would be such a fun workout. I've bought another so two of us can go out on the water. Great times!

Elizabeth Chapa , Madison Verified Owner

I absolutely Love my paddle board!

Its the first time in my life that I can say I have mastered something this fun and cool.

I'm from the Midwest where growing up as a kid living no where near an ocean, would dream of surfing, etc.

Well, I got to surf a few times and always felt very clumsy, uncoordinated and never really got the hang of the surfboard, or the water for that matter.

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Matthew C Mayerchak , Needham Heights Verified Owner

I love the Sea Eagle. I have another inflatable SUP that I bought earlier, for about half as much money, but I never use it unless there are 2 of us going. I love the balance of the Sea Eagle and the way it cuts through small wakes and waves. It's a joy to paddle on. My next door neighbor tried it one time and immediately bought one as well.

Comfortable to stand on, well-placed D-rings and cables for storing a dry bag etc. A great SUP! And so much easier to store for the winter than a solid board. You won't be disappointed!

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