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BJL posted on Paddling.net

Love my Sea Eagle kayak/385 Fast TrackSo far I have kayaked in NJ (Barnegat Bay, Motedeconk River) hope to kayak EBF Wildlife Refuge this summer. I have also kayaked Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. Absolutely beautiful...a wonderful experience...purchased the compressor to inflate the kayak with a little more dignity...I have to keep up my image; the foot pump was just fine...it's a personal thing

PDW posted on Paddling.net

I have a 385FT, and I love its versatility. With the detachable skeg, it tracks like a hard shell. It's easy to inflate and get in and out of the water for this mid-50's female solo paddler, and I've had it in high swells and scraping-the-bottom creeks. Love this boat

irregularguy posted on Paddling.net

I've purchased the Fast Track 385 and I just love it. I bought it in the the end of spring and been boating 2-4Xweek. It's great that it folds up easily and goes into the trunk of my Honda with ease. The tracking is straight as an arrow with the skeg, otherwise you can go in circles very easily. At my age speed is not a factor anymore but it does travel slower than a rigid kayak there is plenty of room even with 2 paddlers.

Set up time is 10 minutes and taking my sweet time, you probably can do it in 8 but I'm not as young as I used to be. Take down time is less, as I wash & dry the kayak at home. Storage at home is a breeze due to the compact size of the bag, just any corner will do. I don't have any negatives to say about this boat.I would recommend this kayak to anyone that is looking for an inflatable.

Marty Krupitsky posted on Paddling.net

I recently purchased an inflatable 385ft from Sea Eagle. It is absolutely fantastic as a sit on top kayak and because of its drop stitch floor and keel, is as stable as some dock systems, making getting on and off a breeze. It tracks beautifully and is a great all around kayak that can be deflated easily and carried in your car trunk. My 7 foot friend is ordering the longer version (FastTrack 465) and is thrilled to be able to kayak without someone helping him out of the confines of a "normal" kayak.